Tuesday 29 January 2013

New beginnings

“I was not designed to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion”.

A New Year, new beginnings and words by Henry David Thoreau that have inspired the title of my blog. Welcome!  I've been thinking about starting this for a while and finally, it's happened.  I'm hoping to share my thoughts with you on life and style and navigating my mid-40s with the right amount of humour and panache.

As a true Brit living in Switzerland and France these past 12 years, there are many things I miss about home (my family, Waitrose, car boot sales), but an equal number of things to discover and appreciate living abroad.  I shall be blogging on fashion, beauty, interiors, food, books, bringing up boys and the things that make me stop in the middle of a hectic day. A new year brings with it the chance to - as my 6 year old son so succinctly put it - 'be a bit less scared Mummy'.  So here goes, I'm breathing after my own fashion, I hope you enjoy the ride.

On a clear day.....Mont Blanc from the boys' room

On the school run

In the midst of all the crazy winter weather we've been having, the sun came out briefly and reminded me how beautiful my surroundings can be, and how much I take them for granted. I literally had to stop and stare, and it felt good. A sign perhaps?


Jemima said...

At last! looks brill

Juliette Chisholm said...

Thanks honey, glad to have one follower!!