Thursday 10 October 2013

Vive l'amour!

My Scottish adventure this weekend was a triumph of love over heartache, longing and defying the romantic odds, and I for one am still punching the air with the joy of it all. One of our dearest friends has finally found the girl of his dreams and we were there to celebrate with them and to affirm the long held belief that your soulmate does exist and is out there, waiting for you, if you just know where to look and can hang on long enough to find them.

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Call me a romantic - I was a teenager in the 80's - but hey, who didn't want their best friend to shout "Way to go Paula!" as the Richard Gere of their dreams burst through the factory door and carried them off for a life of everlasting travel love? Whilst I didn't particularly want to marry myself an 'avia-tor', I firmly believed in 'the one' and spent a hell of a long time looking for him, and he finally showed up, in my fourth year at university, unassuming but gorgeous, funny and quirky (the first time I met him properly he had a folded sock in his jacket pocket having been unable to find a clean handkerchief - that sock has a lot to answer for...) and for some inexplicable reason he was interested in me. We made it as a couple beyond graduation and down to London, and the rest as they say, is history.

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Now, after many years together and with the pitter patter of tiny feet an often deafening noise as their feet grow ever larger, it is easy to forget that first flush of love when we realized that our life had taken on new meaning, we were no longer on our own and we had indeed made it in the happiness stakes.  The minutiae of everyday life takes over whether we like it or not - we are now undeniably grown up - the 'sandwich generation' with young children and elderly parents to look after and we are having to juggle more with every passing year. True love and how it once felt gets to take a back seat, which is a sorry indictment of our priorities and how much time we have to ourselves these days - it's been a long time since we had a slow dance in the kitchen.

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Whilst everyone has their own way of dealing with this - be it date nights, weekends away, anniversary surprises, post-it notes that say 'I love you' or just an unexpected kiss 'hello' or 'goodbye', it is good to be reminded that we were once so giddy with love we could hardly breathe and we didn't know how we would survive until we saw each other again.

Seeing someone you are close to finally find 'the one', and remembering that when it comes down to it, this is what truly matters, is a life and love affirming emotion that has made me stop and take stock of what English Gent and I have and what we are still capable of, so long as we make time for ourselves and remember where it all began and why.  To slightly misquote my other favourite 80's movie: nothing and 'nobody puts Baby (and Johnny) in a corner' and if we just stop and think about it, we are still dancing in the kitchen and having the time of our lives. 


geraldine said...

Woaw...i just love that article! So romantic, so perfect...

Juliette Chisholm said...

Thank you ma chère - glad to know I'm not the only romantic out there!! J x

Anonymous said...

Ya wee beauty!

Alex said...

Beautiful words Jules, made me shed a tear. Thinking of you xx

Juliette Chisholm said...

Thanks Alex and happy 17th anniversary to you and 'the one'. J xx