Thursday 26 March 2015

Chic of the Week: LKB X LB

So whilst I'm sitting here in my Breton top (obvs) dreaming of the Riviera (see my guest post on French Style over on The Women's Room blog),  model, British Fashion Ambassador and Vogue writer Laura Bailey has been dreaming of Capri and the Amalfi coast for her new collaboration with London footwear label LK Bennett.

LK Bennett London by Laura Bailey Photo:

For her capsule collection and the chance to create the perfect Summer shoe, Bailey has taken inspiration from the colours of the Amalfi coast, 1960's geometric print swimsuits and the iconic Italian actresses Sophia Loren, Anna Magnani and Monica Vitti.

Laura Bailey Photo:

Sophia Loren

Monica Vitti

She told Vogue UK "I'm attracted to the clash of print and solids, brights and neutrals, matt and shine, and I wanted the designs to be as chic and brave as the iconic actresses and landscapes I was inspired by, and to reflect the Mediterranean palette and spirit that cheers me on my darkest days."

LK Bennett London by Laura Bailey Photo:

So there are sharp geometric patterns, jazzy zigzags, bold stripes in Mediterranean colours and the shoes are spot on for S/S 2015 with their pointy toes and ankle straps. There are both heels and flats and a selection of bags - perfect for your Summer holiday 'passegiata' - the ritual evening stroll the Italians take at sundown, a chance to see and be seen and show off your new shoes.

LK Bennett by Laura Bailey Photo:

I have long admired Bailey's ability to mix and match her looks - she describes her style as "English eclectic/tomboy princess" which I love and it sums her up perfectly. For her, style "ideally defies labels and simply reflects the personality/moment".

LK Bennett by Laura Bailey Photo:

 Her shoe collection is offbeat enough to do just that and with shoes that are "made to dance on London pavements or Capri sands" she has added another string to her already impressive bow. The collection is in store now and available here.


Anonymous said...

Yippeeeee, you're back!! Just packing for France, making sure I have a Breton top in there too. Susie xx

Juliette Chisholm said...

Thanks, got to love a Breton top - have fun and hope the sun shines! x