Tuesday 21 April 2015

Deconstructing Summer Style: A Gentleman's Guide

As Summer suddenly seems to be right around the corner, I am thrilled that I have been asked to write a second guest post for Amanda and Jane over on their classy, inspirational blog The Women's Room and this time I am deconstructing Summer Style for the gentlemen in our lives.

Jane Fonda & Alain Delon Photo:

Speaking from experience I have found that a gentle nudge in the right sartorial direction can only be a good thing, so drawing inspiration from some of the male style icons of the 50's and 60's and their different takes on European seaside attire, I've highlighted how to keep the gents cool in the heat and avoid that last minute pre-holiday panic.

Jean Seberg and David Niven. Photo: Everett Pictures/Rex Features

I am also introducing a small company in Norfolk called Carrier Company that sells beautiful locally made traditional clothing for men, women and children with a maritime feel - the kind of clothes that are effortlessly stylish and only get better with age. More on this brand soon.


So grab yourselves a coffee and have a browse over on The Women's Room - there's so much to read across such a variety of topics - enjoy!

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StealthCrystal said...

your post is making me long for sandals actually. Both your ladies are wearing such lovely, simple flat sandals. Summer!!!