Monday 15 April 2013

A Handful of Sunshine and Blue Sky

I love a painted nail. Nothing cheers me up faster than a new bottle of nail polish and when I came across this photo the other day I couldn't wait to start experimenting with multi-coloured nails. After all the mad bling of nail art recently, it looks fresh and you can make it as bonkers or as chic as you like.

Photo: Pinterest

I decided to start with the pastels, so last week I was sporting alternate pale green (YSL La Laque Couture Jade Imperial) and pink (Essie Splash of Grenadine) nails - very Laduree and ladylike,

but then, when the sun finally put in an appearance at the weekend I couldn't help myself, I threw caution to the wind and voilĂ , this is the result - sunshine and blue sky, from bottle to nail.

The blue is Koliary - one of my favourites from last Summer's Thakoon for Francois Nars collection and the yellow is Maybelline's Electric Yellow (pretty similar to the yellow Nars Amchoor below).

Photo: Vanity Fair

So I felt particularly pleased when I went to read Sali Hughes' brilliant beauty column in the Guardian, and what was she talking about this week? Feelgood nails! Must be some sort of beauty telepathy going on...

Models Own Ice Neon nail polish. Photo: Rui Faria for The Guardian

As she says, "Yes, they're a bit daft, but this is precisely why they're so joyful." Plus I agree with her that anything that adds a little edge to your outfit and keeps you from straying into mutton territory has to be a good thing and hey - it's just a bit of fun.  So when English Gent asked me what on earth I was doing and did I still think I was 14 or something, I rolled my eyes at him and muttered the one word that is guaranteed to make him back off - 'fashion'. Works every time.

Photo: Garance Dore

If he really thinks I'm regressing to my teenage years, perhaps I should take a tippex from Garance Dore and try the new Chanel Le Vernis Eastern Light nail polish and then when he asks me why I've painted my nails with Liquid Paper (it was a great way to while away the time in double Geography let me tell you), I'll just smile and say "It's Chanel, sweetie".


StealthCrystal said...

What a great post. It is true, pretty nails are an instant way to cheer you up.

Juliette Chisholm said...

I'm glad you agree! x