Monday 22 April 2013

Chic of the week - Tucker by Gaby Besora

I'm always on the look out for designers that make fashion look easy - that laid back insouciance that makes an outfit look as if it was just thrown together, when often it was anything but.  Tucker by Gaby Besora is one such label.

Spring 2013

With a background in styling and a love of clothes since childhood, Besora started her own label in 2005 making beautiful silk printed blouses that are still the cornerstone of her label, along now with dresses and jumpsuits. Ninety percent of her prints are designed in house and all are made in New York.  She uses colour and print in a joyful way, always uplifting, never precious.

Summer 2012

Besora's inspirations come from many and varied sources including childrens' paintings and vintage photographs.

With a couple of style icons thrown in for good measure.

What I find interesting about the fact that both Sophia Loren and Patti Smith have inspired her is that they are at opposite ends of the style spectrum - one extremely feminine, the other the Queen of androgyny.  But this is one of the secrets to Tucker's success - as Besora explains to Lisa Armstrong in today's Fashion Telegraph: "You have to wear clothes that feel easy and multi-functional. Beauty is about confidence and that comes from comfort - and having fun. There's something transformative about putting on a little floral dress if you're a bit androgynous. You get to play with different sides of yourself."

Spring 2013

Fashion as a way of showing the many facets of your character, whilst having fun and being comfortable?  Sounds like a winner to me.

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