Tuesday 12 March 2013

Mothers of Style

Continuing my celebration of mothers, I couldn't resist posting a few photos of these wonderfully stylish women and their beautiful children. Enjoy.

Audrey Hepburn & son Sean, 1961

Jackie Kennedy & daughter Caroline 1959. Photo: Mark Shaw

Jackie Kennedy & JFK Jr. 1963.  Photo Mark Shaw

Grace Kelly & son Albert. Photo: Rue des Archives/BCA/RSU, 1967
Ingrid Bergman & twins. Photo: Magnum

Catherine Deneuve & son, 1963

Romy Schneider & son David

Jane Birkin & daughter Kate Barry

Princess Diana & Prince William

Whilst compiling this post I realized that there is a great poignancy to some of these photographs, as more than one of the lives portrayed above has sadly ended in tragedy.  I like to think however that thanks to these lasting images we can still celebrate and share in their legacy of motherly love.

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