Tuesday 19 February 2013

Hygge and old friends

Hygge - (pronounced "Huu-ga"), is part of the Danish way of life. It means well-being, comfort and cosiness, often associated with wintertime, and is best expressed sharing dinner around a table, the candlelight flickering, the wine flowing and the warmth and laughter that old friendships bring. Last Friday night saw just such an evening here at Maison Fouilloux, when good friends from Holland visited us on their way skiing and we were joined by other very close friends who live nearby.


In this part of the world, people move around alot, often with the UN or the other international organizations, so friendships are forged, your children grow up together, and then you have to cope with the sadness when it is time for them to move on. On top of already missing your friends and family back home, this can make for tough times, which makes it all the sweeter when you are reunited, if only for an evening.  My two girlfriends who were here on Friday night were my partners in crime through pregnancy and beyond and our first babies were all born exactly one month apart. We have laughed together, cried together and helped each other through those foggy days of early motherhood, which in turn forged a strong bond that will always be there. The dads became firm friends too thanks to new fatherhood (and the odd beer), and it felt so comfortable to all be back around the kitchen table, with the children - (6 of them now - 2 apiece) in the next room speaking a mixture of French, English and Dutch, a truly special moment indeed.

Bonhomie, joie de vivre, and enjoying precious time with friends - the perfect translation of 'Hygge'.

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing how the time passes yet when you meet again its as if it was only yesterday you last saw each other. Special times!