Wednesday 13 February 2013

Snow Survival Sorel Style

It may be New York Fashion Week, but the weather gods have paid no heed to the fact that the city's fashionistas are out on the streets of Manhattan and have thrown down more snow than a Manolo Blahnik stiletto can justifiably handle. Not that that deters some people....

Photo: Rex

Similarly, here in my corner of France, trying to look stylish and embrace my inner Parisienne is increasingly hard when you are shovelling a foot of snow to get the car out on the school run and trudging through the slush with mounds of shopping. And don't even get me started on hat hair - that's a whole separate post.

So in the midst of fashion vs weather silliness, I felt quite relieved to see the Queen of J Crew, Jenna Lyons out and about in NYC looking positively sensibly dressed:

Photo: Garance Dore

She's wearing a fab Joseph Altazurra parka that looks like it's actually keeping her warm, and whilst her Nikes may not be fully waterproof, at least they're flat.

Photo: Garance Dore

I'm not sure I could get away with this on the school run, but it's keeping the snow off beautifully. You can read Garance Doré's full post here.

My lifesavers this winter, keeping me upright and my toes warm whilst giving me (I like to think) a modicum of style have to be my Joan of Arctic Sorel boots. A Christmas present from English Gent, they are more than proving their worth, and hey, if they're good enough for Elle McPherson, then they're good enough for me.

Elle McPherson in Aspen

Here is the very stylish Amanda Brooks in her shorter Sorels at her home in the snowy Adirondacks:

Photo: Vogue

And finally, two lovely New Yorkers who would appear to have nailed how to keep warm and be chic in the snow and the slush: 

Photo: Garance Dore

I think the look on the right is exactly what I'm aiming for - Sorel Style!


Géraldine Redon said...

I love your blog Juliette!!!

Just go on! It s great!
And as someone wrote, it seems i m earing your voice while i m reading your words!
See you tomorrow for our girls night out!!!

Géraldine Redon said...

(sorry for my english)

Helen said...

3rd attempt to leave a comment!
loving the blog, my dear!
also coveting your sorels :) I've been toying with the idea of getting some and I think this winter such a purchase is perfectly justified! where did you order yours?