Monday 18 February 2013

Monday blues - finding my inner Sasha Fierce

Just another manic Monday..... In a former life, back in London, my 'to do' list was my way of life. Working for a film producer, I never knew from one day to the next what I would be expected to deal with, solve, miraculously sort, deliver - you name it, I had to do it, no questions asked. Fast forward 12 years, living in France and having to cope with daily life in French, everyday situations can sometimes seem pretty complicated. Knowing that I'm not as assertive as I am in English, and therefore not always as confident, can make simple things like calling the plumber for the umpteenth time, keeping that doctor's appointment or going to see my son's teacher seem like quite an uphill struggle.

So there was Beyoncé, in full 'Sasha Fierce' alter ego mode, strutting her stuff at the Super Bowl last weekend in mindblowing style, and I found her sense of power and entitlement pretty inspiring. This is a woman who means business, and there ain't no-one going to mess with her!

Photo: Getty Images

So I reckon on those difficult days I just need to screw up my courage, find my inner Sasha Fierce and listen to her, and I'm sure she'd tell me: "You go girl".

And suddenly that 'to do' list doesn't seem quite so daunting after all.  Happy Monday.


Helen said...

Would love to see you in full Sasha Fierce mode tackling Marie-Emanuelle :)

Juliette Chisholm said...

I have a meeting with her this afternoon ;)