Tuesday 5 February 2013


Last Saturday night saw the handing out of the Annie awards in Hollywood - the International Animated Film Society's annual gongs for the best in animation and Disney's Oscar nominated short film "Paperman" deservedly won Best Animated Short.

If you want a brilliant, short, sharp hit of romance, this is it. Director John Kahr has used both traditional old style hand drawing and state of the art computer animation to fashion a joyous seven minute silent love story, in black and white (with just a touch of red), set in mid-century New York. It's exquisite story telling and a near perfect blend of old and new techniques, and the best thing? Disney have generously made it available on the internet for all to see and enjoy. I saw it with my boys when we went to see "Wreck It Ralph" (which picked up 5 Annies on Saturday night) but it's just as wonderful to watch on the small screen. Grab a coffee, sit back and see for yourself. Enjoy. And if it doesn't win the Oscar come February 24th, I'll eat my lipstick...

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