Thursday 14 February 2013

Signs of Love

Red roses, cards, candlelight dinners, whispers of "I love you" - the clichés are myriad. We like to pretend that it's all just commercial claptrap and we're way above it....yup, as if.

Photo Ka-Man Tse

So, if I could click my heels like Dorothy and transport myself to Times Square tonight with English Gent we could share in a neon, digital outpouring of love. Throughout February, for 3 minutes each night from 11.57 to midnight, 15 enormous billboards are turning Times Square into a digital art gallery using 6 neon artworks from Tracey Emin's "I promise to love you" series.

Tracey Emin/

Now whether this is grand art or not, I'm rather partial to a neon sign (I'd love one in our kitchen) and I think this is a refreshing way to both showcase Emin's work and feel the love.

Tracey Emin/

So much better than a cheesy Hallmark card, non?

Tracey Emin/

s[edition], who are backing the initiative, have produced a revolutionary new way to own art in the digital age, and in conjuction with 'Midnight Moment' are asking people to photograph themselves kissing in front of one of the billboards and upload it via Instagram or Twitter, in order to win one of Emin's digital limited editions.

Modern love for the 21st century. Who said romance was dead? Have a classy Valentine's everyone.

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